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Rotarian Journey into Cambodia!

The Rotarians traveled to Cambodia with a mission to make a difference, embarking on projects at Sustainable Cambodia, touring the country, and exploring its culture.

Representing clubs from Australia, India, Ghana, Spain, and the USA, they set out to install bio-sand filters, teach English, construct vegetable gardens, and share leadership skills with the members of the Youth Club. Through their generosity and support, they brought school supplies, purchased 93 bicycles for students, donated library books, and granted 22 more children with life-changing sponsorships in addition to the sponsorships they had already provided. Not only were they able to make a positive impact on the local community, but they also had the opportunity to get to know each other and the staff and students of Sustainable Cambodia, further strengthening the bonds of friendship.

Rotarians from different parts of the world did amazing work at Sustainable Cambodia this past week. We are going to miss them and hope they all return soon!

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