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Sewing Program

We are also working with villagers in exporting of crafts through fair trade groups, and we have training programs to help villagers in business and personal empowerment.

The Sewing Program was established in order to offer potential drop-out students an opportunity to learn a vocation to support themselves and their families. The sewing class graduates are not only trained in sewing practices, but also in running a small business. This is accomplished through trainings covering money management, marketing, and fair trade practices.

Trainees are trained to make a variety of souvenirs and clothing such as purses, shoulder bags, scarves, pyjamas, and dress shirts. They learn best practices in creating high quality products that can receive a good price at the market. Graduate sewing students gain valuable skills and have income earning opportunities through self-employment or employment with another small business, as they will have experience with sewing, being involved in a small business, and marketing activities.