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SC Scholarship Program

Early in the evolution of the Sustainable Cambodia Education program, we made a pledge to the students that those who stayed in SC school and graduated grade 12, with test scores high enough to qualify for Cambodian university, would get a scholarship from us. 

As we grew, we had more and more students who qualified, and over time we have broadened the requirements to get the scholarship. Out of more than 5,000 students who have attended or are attending our schools, nearly 300 have now qualified for University scholarships in Cambodia. The qualify, not only must the student have the grades and scores necessary, but they must be active in community service and similar work, sometimes with SC and sometimes in their university location. It is a life-changing program, and one that is supported by Scholarship Sponsors. 

Scholarship sponsorship costs just a few hundred dollars a year, because we utilize Cambodian universities. We feel that utilizing Cambodian universities provides added sustainability. It both supports the in-country educational system, and it makes it more likely that the students will stay in Cambodia where they help their country build a better life for all.

Here, in the words of one of our education management team, is what the Scholarship program is all about:

Our education program is a long term program, and it is really successful with sustainability in that it can help and support vulnerable children from the poorest of economic families to find a great job in the future with good pay when they graduate their university or vocational training skills.

We value life and we really try to encourage our students to access higher education. That means they have to finish at least high school, and then continue to the university. Our country is a developing country and we really need the human resources and skills that will help to build this country. When a student graduates university, they will have a much better chance of getting a good job with high pay, and they can help themselves, their families, and their children in the future. And it is a model to show the children in the young generation to value education and try to be like them.

Our program helps the children to be great leaders with high competency, to help our country. We really want to see the children from the poor economic families to be the leaders and come back to help their family, community, and their society. With higher education we believe people can make their lives better and better and they can change their thinking, the mind set and the world.

We have had scholarship recipients who have studied in many different provinces in different fields such as computer science, law, agriculture, civil engineering, and rural development. The scholars who graduated have good jobs and some of them have come back to work with us to help their villagers, while others work for other companies, the government and other NGOs in Cambodia. They are all successful in their jobs and have very good pay. Having these jobs, some of them are able to support their families and their brothers and sisters who are attending public school.

Our scholars are very special, because we have English and computer skills classes, and other special workshops like communications skill, presentation skills and leadership workshops. Graduates from our program come back to assist the younger students on how to get a job in the future. And the university students have a chance to come back to SC as interns to practice what they have learned in a real-world situation. All students have learned about how to report and related to the administration that they know how to do thing better than others.