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The School Building

In late 2004, the Sylvia Lasky Memorial School had relocated from its humble beginnings into a much larger, two story building. Then, in late 2009, the school again relocated when Sustainable Cambodia outgrew its location for the second time. The move was only a few hundred meters down the highway, but it meant moving into a much larger building, as part of a large (for SC) campus.

It is a wonderful setting. It includes not only the school on the campus, but the Community Development offices, the administrative offices, the Biosand Filter production area and the Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting production area, which makes the school truly integrated into the comprehensive development philosophy that is behind Sustainable Cambodia.

Three new classrooms were built in early 2010 thanks to the generous support of the JGG Foundation, which provided a grant for their construction. The classrooms stand in front of the library, and they both face into a large open yard containing a fishpond. In addition to the three new classrooms, there are three other classrooms located to the side of the library, where classes are held as well.

Behind the three older classrooms is the administrative office, and the computer lab. On the front of the upstairs, facing the (noisy) highway, is a tile-floored open-air patio where sewing classes take place.

The entire complex has a gate at the front for security at night. It is located quite close to the national highway, which brings noise, but allows ready access to electricity. Bathrooms in the administrative office contain western-style fixtures. In front of the fishpond, facing the library, our volunteer guesthouse resides.