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A Day at School


Our students awaken in their homes in the village, and many go to the fields with their families to attend to the crops before leaving for school. Most of the villages we serve are within a 20 minute walk of the school, although some students travel considerable distances to join their classmates. Many of our students are provided a bike, depending upon the distance of their home from the school and their family's ability to help.

Unless a child is enrolled in one of our vocational programs, all Sylvia Lasky School students must attend government school in addition to our school. School runs Monday through Saturday in Cambodia, and pre-high school students only attend government school one-half day (alternating between morning or afternoon classes). The classes at Sylvia Lasky allow all the students to attend class the other half of the day. The courses we offer are supplemental to the government school, including English, advanced mathematics, science, geography, computers, Khmer language and culture. We use teaching methods that invite student interaction, questions and creativity.

The school has several conventional classrooms and three large areas, including two open-air spaces, one on the ground floor and one in the upper level of the building. With the exception of English classes, the students are instructed in their native language of Khmer (pronounced "Km-eye"). The mathematics classes are quite advanced, with students often studying material that is perhaps 1 or 2 years ahead of the material students might study in the United States. Science, however, is a bit behind other countries, although we are making great strides in teaching it.

One thing a visitor will immediately notice during a day's visit to the school is that the Cambodian students are extremely enthusiastic! They are happy and they are very excited about learning. Slip into the school's library in the afternoon between classes, and you will likely find students spread out on the floor reading books with relish! These children love to learn AND they love to have fun... jumping rope, playing games and laughing out loud. Being around them is a wonderful experience.