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English Lessons

When co-founder Bruce Lasky first visited the village of Osdao he asked "What can we do to help?"  He was surprised to learn that English classes were high on the list of needs. There is a very broadly-held belief in Cambodia that those who speak English have a better chance of jobs or careers in science, technology, politics, education and programming. In many instances, this belief is likely correct. But, in any event, the offering of free English to the poor families has been a great draw for Sustainable Cambodia. Many Cambodian public schools teach English, but they charge 25 cents or more a day for them, which is as much as half a day's adult wages. This makes English lessons prohibitively expensive for poor working families, and there incredibly desirable. Supply and demand.

So this is the reason that the Sylvia Lasky School teaches English: It is one of the key courses the villagers believe their children really want and need. Then, we supplement those English courses with computer lab (with 12 computers), science, mathematics, geography and culture.