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Village Healthcare

Working with the Village Development Committee, we have contracted in past years with a local Cambodian doctor to visit the village routinely and to provide on-site care. Starting in 2007 while our doctor is in Phnom Penh taking special medical courses, we have hired a healthcare manager who works with the Village Development Committees to implement educational workshops in prevention of malaria, bird flu, water-borne diseases, and HIV/AIDS. Workshops also focus on increasing nutritional values of family meals through home-gardening and fishponds.

One of the highlights of 2007 is the introduction of the Preschool Food Supplement Program for malnutrition intervention for the community children who attend the village preschools. The primary goal of this program, overseen and delivered by the healthcare manager and community parents, is to provide a daily vitamin and protein-rich porridge for village children under 7 years.

The healthcare manager is also on-call for emergency situations but urgent care issues requiring hospitalization must go through conventional government programs, as the cost would otherwise be prohibitive.

Our program is always in need of trained physicians and healthcare providers who are willing to volunteer time training the Cambodian physicians enrolled in our programs.