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Sustainable Cambodia, Inc.
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Sustainability is an essential part of our vision. We are NOT an "aid" organization that simply provides money to Cambodian villages. Instead, we partner with the villagers, helping them to change the quality of life in their community. We assist the villagers in prioritizing the programs that will have the most impact on the village. Then the villagers commit their time and labor to those programs, and we assist with training and financing. The programs we support include water wells, community ponds, rooftop rainwater harvesting, irrigation, gardens and alternative agriculture, childhood education and schools, pre-school learning centers, vocational training and village healthcare.

Our definition of "self-sustaining" is when the residents of the community have become empowered enough to maintain and improve the quality of life in their community with a minimum of outside financial assistance. A community in which this occurs will have many residents who choose to stay in the community or return to it because of the high quality of life created there.