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Sustainable Cambodia, Inc.
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School & University Fundraising

“The children understand that knowledge is the key to giving hope to their families who have suffered so much already, to giving hope to their country that deserves so much more.”

- Volunteer

Your Benefits

Share in our Values...

1. Sustainability
2. Long Term Change
3. Capacity Building
4. Empowerment
5. Environmental Responsibility

“It is so moving to know that these kids have a chance to do what they want to do in their lives, and they would not have had that chance otherwise.”

   -Trivani, Sponsor

Support a program that will excite and inspire!

    Sustainable Cambodia’s projects are made BY local people and made FOR local people. As a grassroots, volunteer based organization, 100 percent of your financial support goes to rural village programs. By only employing local Cambodian people, we empower Cambodians to improve their own quality of life.

    There are many ways to get your school excited and inspired about improving the lives of many impoverished rural Cambodian people:

      - Hold a fundraising or awareness event
      - Sponsor a classrom, student or teacher
      - Sponsor a program that fits with student or school values
      - Volunteer your skills and expertise
      - Think outside the classroom! Incorporate real stories from real people into students' studies
      - Enhance our resources, teaching materials, or technology
      - Create a club

    Whatever you decide to do, we will help you every step of the way:

      - Offer inspirational stories and photos for students
      - Organize pen pal opportunities
      - Host students who want to volunteer
      - Provide you with information and support

    Choose a program or multiple progrmas that will excite and inspire!


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