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Corporate Sponsorship

"My company donates to Sustainable Cambodia as a part of our Social Responsibility strategy. It's popular among employees because 100 percent of the money directly helps the communities."

- Existing Sponsor

Your Benefits

1. Access to Resources

Have access to our logo, use our images for your branding, and receive special interest stories for your publicity.

2. Positive Publicity

Your support will have results that impress! We will help promote your organization in our communication materials.

3. Boost Staff Morale

Your staff can get behind the cause. They will see the good work in action and take pride in it!

4. Value for Customers

You can add value to your product. We can offer you a cause that your customers and stakeholders will rally behind.

Tailor your Corporate Sponsorship package to benefit you.

    86% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause (2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship Survey.) Boost your sales, image, and customer loyalty, while also strengthening your corporate responsibility by partnering with Sustainable Cambodia.

    There are many easy & effective ways to achieve your business objectives when partnering with Sustainable Cambodia. Here are some examples:

        - Have specific projects named after your company
        - Branding on our newsletter
        - Success stories for your publicity
        - Incredible images that can include your branding
        - Support with marketing, including social media

    Choose a program that fits your objectives.

    Sustainable Cambodia's projects are made BY local people and made FOR local people; we empower Cambodians to improve their own quality of life. Because we approach rural Cambodian communities holistically, we work in a wide range of projects. This means we can tailor your package to what best benefits YOU.

    For example, if you are a water bottle company, you may want to support our clean water projects.

    Choose one or more programs from the list below to fulfill your objectives.


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