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Sustainable Cambodia values its relationships - it is key to our sustainability. Your support means so much to so many rural Cambodian people. Because we approach rural Cambodia communities holistically, we work in a wide range of projects. This means we can tailor your support to what best benefits YOU. If you would like to receive more information on partnering with Sustainable Cambodia, please contact us at

See what difference your support can make. Choose from the list below.

Corporate Sponsorship
Tailor your support to what benefits you!
   - Add value to your product or service
   - Boost your company image
   - Build customer loyalty and corporate responsibility

I have seen first hand how monumental the projects have been for entire communities. Iím happy knowing my contributions are going to the right place.

Animas Environmental Services, LLC, Sponsor
Trust, Foundation, or Non-Profit
100% of your financial support will go directly to
communities in Cambodia. Support our work through:
   - Skills and expertise
   - Fundraising ideas
   - Financial contributions
School or University Fundraising
There are many ways to get your school excited and
inspired about improving the lives of rural Cambodians.
   - Hold a fundraising event
   - Sponsor a classroom, student, or teacher
   - Volunteer your skills and expertise