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Phang Polin

Executive Director

I have been working for SC since 2003. My first job with SC was a Computer Teacher. Since then I have had an opportunity to experience working in various positions such as Database Administrator and Computer Trainer, Information & Communication Manager, Vice National Coordinator, Director of Quality Assurance and Internal Control, and finally Executive Director.


SC helps me build my SC heart: the heart that is so inspired me to lead others to their SC heart. The heart of Love, Service, and full of Respect.


My job as the Executive Director is to treat everyone as a big SC family and to lead by example. Empowerment and Sustainability, Good Governance are the key strategies we have applied at all SC projects. Everything we do is for the children, to help make a difference in their lives and to build quality human resources with a long-lasting impact throughout the generations.

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Youm Vicheka

Operations Manager

Vicheka started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. He then returned to become part of the SC team.

I began my first job at SC as Volunteer Coordinator in 2011. I have had the privilege to work with more than 200 international volunteers from different countries.


In 2012, I worked as the Administration Officer in addition to my volunteer coordination job. In 2014, I was promoted to be the Human Resource and Admin Manager. Two years later, I was promoted to work as Assistant Executive Director.


Currently, I am working as Operations Manager, where I have a chance to work directly with principals and teachers to provide enriched quality of education to children and also work with villager families to help them get safe water, hygiene sanitation, food security and income opportunites in more than 20 villages in Pursat. I love working at SC, and SC is the home to my education, morality and family. 


Ork Siep

HR / Admin Manager

I joined Sustainable Cambodia on 6th June 2008 and have been a Healthcare Assistant,  a Healthcare Manager, a Community Education Officer, and in 2016 I became the HR/Volunteer Officer in 2016. Today, I am theHR/Admin Manager

SC is a very good place where staff can learn and work to improve the quality of life in rural villages, especially for children and their families.  My Job as the HR/Admin Manager is to assist the Executive Director to treat all SC staff as a big family and act as a role model on respecting and following SC Personal Regulations, Rules, and other Policies. I work to make sure SC follows Cambodian law by registering agreements and MOUs with the government and provide them with necessary reporting.  I recruit staff as needed, conduct orientation and ensure that SC has equipment and utilities to make everything run efficiently.


Sin Soy

Marketing and Communication Manager

I have been working for SC over the past 10 years in 2010; my first job was as an English teacher and to help students access the quality of education. After two years, I was promoted to an outreach education officer where I was working with English teachers in preschool communities and conducting part-time classes on teaching methodology. Also, I worked as the university scholarship manager that coordinated sponsors and scholars connected through their semester reports. 


I am currently in the Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator bringing SC's message to the world. Sustainable Cambodia has helped improve my life, knowledge, and experience. SC makes a better place for everyone and SC will always have a place in my heart forever and ever.

5. Yong La.jpg

Yong La

Community Development Program Manager

La started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. He then returned to become part of the SC team.

I have been working for SC since May 2011.  I have had the opportunity to work in various positions such as Computer Trainer, Agriculture Project Assistant, Global Grant Manager, WASH Project Manager, and today I am the Community Development Program Manager.


I love to work with the SC family. SC is a bridge that brought me and other kids to have a bright future. SC is a warm place that combines friendship, knowledge, experience with purposeful work.


I love my current position as a Community Development Program because I realize that living in remote places is hard without food security, education, and safe water,  In this position, I work from my heart and commit to helping villagers improve their quality of life.

In Sakara

Agriculture Project Manager

I have been working for SC since 2010.  I was first an intern from 2010-2011 for the 3H grant project and then in 2011-2013 I became the training manager for the project.  Since 2013, I've been the Agriculture Project Manager working with villagers on agriculture grant projects and provide training and advanced agricultural programs.  

Through SC, I've learned a lot about how to work effectively through leadership training and mentoring by my colleagues.  I believe that SC was a second birth to me and has taught me so much.  

Ung Sopheary

Sewing and DFG Project Manager

Sopheary started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. She then returned to become part of the SC team.


I began working at SC in 2005 as an intern with the Microloan and Rice Bank project that helped communities get low-interest loans.  From that internship, I moved into the position of Assistant of Health Care working on hygiene and nutrition projects.  In 2011, I joined the 3H Grant team as a Training manager.  Here I was the facilitator for training on hygiene, sanitation, and well, latrine and biosand filters.

I am currently the Sewing and DIG Proect Manager.  I work with women to develop skills and earn an income to support their families.  I coordinate with DFG International to produce washable pads for women and to provide DFG kits to students and women in our target area.

Seng Channeary

Community School and Healthcare Manager

Channeary started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. She then returned to become part of the SC team.


I started working for Sustainable Cambodia as a volunteer in an agriculture project in 2011. It has become my second family and I love working with everyone here.


In 2012, I joined the Healthcare team as Healthcare Assistant and in 2018, I was promoted to be a manager. In my job, I provide health care training related to dental training, hygiene, and sanitation, to children and villagers in remote areas. I also work with a preschool program. I enjoy helping children receive breakfast meals in a food supplement program to help the children grow mentally and physically strong.


I am working on another new project called Days for Girls. With my Health Care team, we travel to remote schools where we provide educational training to empower women to be strong and stay in school by using Days for Girls kit. It feels good to see the women have more self-confidence and that they can stay in school because of the Days for Girls program.

Pheng Sopheap

Sponsorship and Scholarship Manager

I started work in Sustainable Cambodia from June 2013 as the English teacher and 6 months later I was promoted to work as a school Principal to oversea and lead SLMS.  As a principal, I learned a lot and improved myself in leadership and responsibilities. In 2017 until now  I have been working as a Child Sponsorship and Scholarship manager. I love my job. It is a great opportunity to build my capacity and make new friends around the world.  And it feels good to bring in sponsorship to support the children which will  make the world a better place.

Vorn Chanra

Finance Manager

Chanra started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. She then returned to become part of the SC team.

I have been working for SC since January 2003, and have been a Volunteer Bookkeeper, English teacher, Librarian, assisted the community development team and worked on the Microloan program.  In 2005, I was promoted to Accountant and in 2013, I was promoted to my current position as Finance Manager.

I successfully completed a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Management and Economics and in 2012 , I completed a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Battambong.

Chhim Sokvorn

KBFC Manager

I have been working for SC since February 2008. My first job with SC was an English Teacher. Since then, I have had an opportunity to experience working in various positions such as Kravanh Youth Club Responsible Teacher, KBFC manager assistant and now I am the manager of Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC).


I feel that the most important reason for coming to work at SC is because of the quality of education. With my service to help the students from low economic families with free tutoring classes, I hope the students, who face dropping out of school, can keep going to school until they can graduate from university to get good jobs.  Moreover, I have the opportunity to help provide the children in rural areas, where there are no schools, with their compulsory education through SC.

Thun Visa

Phnom Pehn Office Coordinator

Visa started with SC as a student, graduated grade 12 as an SC student and went on to Cambodian university on an SC scholarship. She then returned to become part of the SC team.

I started as one of SC's first students.  And now, I can give back to SC and my community through my job at SC.  My journey to become an SC staff member started back in 2011 to work at the Phnom Penh office. Upon my graduation degree in law, I received a promotion to lead their human and administration department in Pursat. I accepted the offer and moved back to my hometown. After serving in this position for a while, I had the desire to move back to the city so I did. A year ago, I rejoined SC as their Phnom Penh office coordinator.  After being in the private sector, I can safely say that there is nowhere like SC - the environment, spirit, team and individuals all combine to give a unique atmosphere that I did not feel in any other workplace.  At SC, you are working with your family to make the world a better place.

Douk Samnang

TC School Manager


In my 10 years with SC, I have had a lot of opportunities to learn and advance. I started as an English teacher at KBFC and was promoted to Program Manager at the TC Swartz School.  We provided quality education for children in remote areas by providing teaching materials, hygiene materials, building school toilets, building playgrounds, etc, Working with this position. I got many new experiences in managing, monitoring, and following up on projects. Also, I gained skills in time management, funding management, and reporting to donors. Adding to my core position as the TC School Program Manager, I also manage the university scholarship program that SC provides for the students who passed the 12th grade. In this job, I helped the scholars with their budget requests, correspondences, and reports so that they can fulfill their potential at University.

Noun San

SLMS Principal

I have been working with Sustainable Cambodia since August 2014. My first job was as an English teacher where I gained insights and techniques for classroom management and using modern teaching materials. I also learned computer skills and started researching new teaching methods. From this experience, I gained the knowledge to become a school principal.  As the principal, I help support and build the teachers to become a strong team.  They, in turn, lead students to do the right things and how to lean on themselves when they leave school.


I can say that SC has been a good place for me to build my heart for education to assist my community. One thing I always think about is why do other nations come and help my people.?  These gifts from their hearts push me to want to do more and more for my students. When students start with  SC, I want to see them with the bright futures ahead and become the ones who can support their family and one day, other people around the world.  SC has transformed and inspired me to use my love for teaching and education to make Cambodia and the world a better place. 


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Sustainable Cambodia works with the families of rural Cambodian villages to help them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, training, and empowerment.

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