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About Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship allows a one-on-one sponsorship relationship between an individual child and a sponsor if you wish it. Sponsors who want to communicate by letter or email with the child are welcomed to do so, although there is no obligation to do so. Like all our programs, every dollar given to the Child Sponsorship program goes directly to the program, with no administrative costs.

To make sponsorship more affordable for those who cannot afford Full Sponsorship, we have two sub-categories which allow partial sponsorship: School-life (representing the education they receive) and Home-life (representing the assistance in creating a positive family living environment with clean drinking water, good sanitation and healthy food). You can choose to sponsor a child for either of these “partial” sponsorships, or a Full sponsorship:

  • $300/year Child Sponsor - Home & School Life
  • $150/year School Life Sponsor
  • $150/year Home Life Sponsor

Although your sponsorship of the child will be one-to-one, all child sponsorship funding is pooled, providing for teachers, classrooms, school supplies, school clothing, basic healthcare as well as help for the families with clean water, food production and gardening, income generation and basic healthcare, allowing the student to grow in a strong and healthy family environment.

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