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About Sustainability Programs

Our Sustainability Programs are at the heart of our philosophy: Empowering the people of rural Cambodia by giving them the skills, resources and training they need to be able to change their own lives, and those of their fellow countrymen, for the better. These are powerful programs for change. Your gifts will totally and completely change the life of entire villages.

What Do the Sustainability Programs Provide?
The families in the program will receive:
  • The use of drinking water wells that can be drilled because of the funds provided by you and other Family Sponsors
  • Access to irrigation wells that can be drilled because of the funds provided by you and other Family Sponsors
  • Participation in the Village Healthcare Program, where they receive vitamins, medicine, a doctor's care when needed, catastrophic care when needed, education in birth control and access to birth control
  • Training in growing alternative crops and in growing a family garden
  • Seeds for use in growing a family garden
  • Training in animal husbandry, and breeding pairs of farm animals such as ducks and chickens
  • Training in skills such as construction, sewing, computers, business and other skills than will help them with their lives

Although none of this can happen without your gift, it is not simply "gifted" to the village families. Each family agrees to contribute substantial hours each month in community service. Their community service hours typically go to village clean-up projects, assisting with the medical program, assisting with the school, building safe fire and refuse areas for the village and similar projects. They also sign up as volunteers to install the wells and build the school buildings. They work hard for their village.

Each villager also agrees to "pass on the gift" to surrounding villages. They commit to passing on a fixed portion of the offspring of their farm animals to surrounding villages, and to training those neighbors in animal care. They also commit to a certain amount of community service work in the surrounding villages.

Like all our programs, every dollar given goes directly to the program, with no administrative costs.

All this starts with your contribution and sponsorship.