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Male, 13 years old
Birthdate: 07/15/2007
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Biography last updated: 03-Apr-2020

Hello! My name is Chheang Reasey. I am a student in grade 7 at secondary state school. In my family there are five people. They are my father, mother, a brother, a sister and me, and I am the third child in my family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a farmer too. My daily activities at home are doing my homework, reading book and reviewing my lesson. Every day I arrive at school by bike and my favorite animal is elephant because it is big. My family pets are dog and cat. When I am at home with my parents, I love to wash the dishes and do homework because I want to help my mother and I want to become a good child for them. 

I really like studying at sustainable Cambodia because I can study English and computer for free and SC has a lot of good teachers. Moreover I can get a new experience and knowledge from Sustainable Cambodia. My favorite subject in state school is Khmer because I think that Khmer is our language and it’s easy to learn. As a student, I am strong in this way I listen to my teachers and try to study hard. My favorite kinds of books to read are about novel and dictionary books. I like these books because they make me happy and get new knowledge from reading it and I can know about the difficult words. During my free time in SC school, I like to review my lesson with my friends and do exercise and research. In our SC research computer class, I am excited to learn how to type and research on computer. I want to learn more about this work as a teacher because I want to earn some money for support my family and I want to improve my country.