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Male, 18 years old
Birthdate: 01/16/2002
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Biography last updated: 05-May-2020

Hello! My name is Met Sokna. I am a boy who studies in grade 11 in high school in kravanh district. I am nineteen years old. I have one brother and three sisters. My brother is a little baby. My three sisters are students. My father’s name is Khin Met. He is a farmer. My mother’s name is Heang Horn. She passed away. Nowadays I live with my aunt in Kravanh district. There are seven people in my family. 
My Sustainable Cambodia experiences: In the school here I gain a lot of good and new knowledge. I make many friends and I have a chance to study with good teacher who always give me good advice. The school has a strict and good discipline. Sometimes I read book in the library, work in the team to discuss about the homework, and exercises. Moreover, teachers always give the lesson of going to university. Last but not less, the school always give the school supply to the students every year.
My life at state school experiences: I know a lot of good teachers enjoy reading in the library, make more and more friends in the school. I always join the flag raising ceremony. I really enjoy playing football with my friends. The hobbies in my life are reading book, playing sport, listening to music and hang out with friends sometimes.
One activity I can do to improve my community is teaching English and environment to them in my long vacation. I can teach them about the basic English and how to reduce, reuse and recycle the trash in the right way. 
When I finish high school, I want to be a teacher because I can help the kids in the rural area to have the chance to get the quality education as others. I want to help them to escape from the poverty and make the different in their community.

Sokna  MET
Sokna  MET
Sokna  MET