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Phannika Anuch

Female, 12 years old
Birthdate: 02/08/2007
NoHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 31-Mar-2019

Hello!  My name is EM Phannika Anuch. I am a student in grade 7th at Secondary State School. My father’s work is a teacher and my mother’s work is a teacher. I have one sister and one brother. I am the first child in my family. When I am at my home, I like reading books, do homework, play game listen to music. And when I am at my state school, l love to read books and play with friends and does the school work. On the weekend I like playing with my brother, learn cooking and play game. 

I enjoy studying at Sustainable Cambodia because I want to study English and computer. As a student, I am strong in Khmer. My favorite subject at State School is Math because it is exact subject. My favorite subject at SC is English and computer because I want to improve my English to speak properly. When I come to SC’s library, I like to read books. The title of a favorite book that I read is spider man. A topic I would like to research in SC’s Computer lab is the globe. A song I really like is about the modern song. A sport or game I like to play is Football.  A place or country I would like to visit is Philippine. When I graduate, I want to learn more about Math because it is my favorite job. 
Phannika Anuch EM
Phannika Anuch EM
Phannika Anuch EM
Phannika Anuch EM
Phannika Anuch EM