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A Gift of Cows

A gift of a cow works to benefit villagers:

Cows are the most coveted resource for rural Cambodian families. In the rice fields, villagers must manually pull a plow through hard-packed clay to get a rice paddy ready for planting, or they pay a great deal to rent a cow. It can take more than a solid week of back-breaking labor to plow the same plot of land that a cow can plow in less than a day. And cow manure acts as a natural and readily available fertilizer for the crops, improving crop yield even on days the cow is resting.

Through a cow, a family can be empowered to feed themselves through increased food production, and to generate critically needed family income. The cow is shared among 5 families, used by all and bred annually. As calves are born each family becomes a "donor family", with the families passing on ownership of the calves among themselves. Eventually the group (a "Self Help Group") passes on a calf to a new Self Help Group. So your gift keeps giving... eventually helping an entire community in moving from poverty to self-reliance.

Like all Village Gifts through Sustainable Cambodia, this gift will be pooled and used to support the empowerment-based Community Development programs. These programs become self-sustaining through the pass-on process, through which the gift will continue for years to come as families become donors themselves. Because Sustainable Cambodia operates on under 3% admin & fundraising costs, and those costs are provided by the founders and directors, every penny of the contribution will be used directly in the villages. And all the empowerment begins with this gift!

Share of a Cow  US$100
Gift of a Cow  US$800

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