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Female, 15 years old
Birthdate: 01/30/2003
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Biography last updated: 06-Aug-2017

Hello! My name is Lin Chanreah and I study in grade 8. I live in Pursat Province with my parents and my sister. My father is a farmer and my mother is a clear noodle seller. In my free time, I like reading, cooking, doing homework, listening to music and watching TV. 

I’m happy to attend KBFC’s classes of Sustainable Cambodia because I don’t need to pay for my classes, I can have real quality education and the teachers are good. They are always patient, try their best when teaching, and they are friendly too. My favorite subject at SC is English because it is helpful to speak with visitors and sponsors who always come to visit us. On the other hand, at State School I like Khmer and English classes because I want to help spread literacy in these two languages in Cambodia. I would like to learn more about Geography. With my family, I like chatting with my parents and I love when I can have a meal with them. I also like chatting with my friends and playing tennis with them.One of my skills is that I can remember the lessons easily if I read it two or three times. The books I like the most are Two Brothers, Crab Digging Man, and Chow Tompeng Meas. I enjoy modern songs and remix music. If I had the  chance to travel, I want to go to Kampong Som, Bokor Mountain, Koh Kong and Phnom Penh, all of them in Cambodia. When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I want to help the children in the rural areas to be able to read and write so they can improve their lives.

Chanreah LIN
Chanreah LIN
Chanreah LIN
Chanreah LIN
Chanreah LIN