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Female, 23 years old
Birthdate: 09/10/1996
YesScholarship Sponsored

Biography last updated: 17-Apr-2019

Hello!  My name is LE SOKLY. I am a student in year 4 at Royal University of Agriculture. My father is a famer and my mother is a famer. I have no sisters and I have three brothers. In my free time, I like to read books, do research, practice English with friends, listening to music and do more practice in English. With my friends, I like to share some experience to other, join work shops, and practice English with each other.

The reason that I come to study at the university is because I want to have good major in my future, and I can know more about an education, life study at University without family. As a student, I really like to share new experience with other students, do more research, join work shop, do more practice like how to grow plants, how to make compost. What I love to do most as the student at the university is pay attention when I have class because it could help me a lot to know more the lesson, help some friends that do not understand the lesson. The kind of book that I do love to read most is English book (Guide to Knowing People around Us) because it help me a lot to know more about some people around me like they are bad or good person and helpful to make good communicate with other, and I can learn more from those people. The kind of music I like is English music like rock and romantic. A sport I like to play is football and tennis. A place or country I would like to visit is Singapore, Paris, Korean, Thailand, Australia, and Japan. When I graduate from the university, I want to be in farm management because it's connected with my major and I want to develop my knowledge in farm management, and I want to run my own business in my future.

Sokly LE
Sokly LE
Sokly LE
Sokly LE