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Female, 19 years old
Birthdate: 06/05/2000

Biography last updated: 09-Jun-2015

Nouy is a girl who studies in grade 8 at Samdach Ov Me Secondary School. She lives with her parents and her four brothers and four sisters. Her parents are farmers.

In her free time, she helps her parents with housework such as doing the laundry, drawing, cleaning the house, and looking after her younger sisters and brothers. She attends KFBC in Sustainable Cambodia because the school has good teachers. They work carefully so that she can improve English skills very fast. The most important thing is that she can study without paying money, and KBFC always supports the poor by providing school books and supplies. She likes reading books in the library and using computers. Her favorite subject is English because it is an international language.

When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher, because she wants to share her knowledge with the next Cambodian generation. Moreover, being a teacher is a very good career for her even though it does not make much money as other jobs, and she loves it when it is being respectful by people in the countryside, Cambodia.