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Female, 15 years old
Birthdate: 08/01/2003
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Biography last updated: 10-May-2018

Hello! My name HEN Dyna. I am a student in grade 9 at secondary state school. My father is farmer and my mother is a farmer, too. I have 2 brothers and me. In my free time, I like to read books, play games on phone and listen to music. With my family, I like watching TV and visit my grandparents. With my friends, I like to talk about our studies, take photos and eat snakes. 

The reason that I love to come to study at sustainable Cambodia because it have a big library and a lot good teachers and can study English with paying money. There are a lot of interesting books that we can borrow to read at home also. As a student, I really like read many books and go to school regularly. I always get up early to review the lesson before I go to school and I always do all my homework that teacher gave me. My favorite subject at state school is Math because I like learning numbers than letters. My favorite subject at SC is English because it is a second language that we can do more communicate with others foreigners and if we know English well it is easy to find a job too. What I do love the most when the reading time in the library is drawing picture in the books and I love to read comics books. The kind of subject that I do love the most is Khmer because it is my own language and easy to learn. The kind of book that I do love the most is fiction Khmer story book because it is easy to understand. The kind of music I like is Rock. A sport I like to play is Tennis. A country I would like to visit is India. When I grow up I want to be a accountant because I want to work in the bank.
Dyna HEN
Dyna HEN
Dyna HEN
Dyna HEN
Dyna HEN
Dyna HEN