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Female, 12 years old
Birthdate: 12/02/2006
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Biography last updated: 12-Jun-2017

Hello!  My name is Hean Sreyno. I am a student in grade 5 at primary school. My father is a mechanic and my mother is a worker and I have two sisters and one brother. In my free time I like to help my grandmother to do housework. With my family, I like going out together. With my friends, I like talking.

I study at Sustainable Cambodia because I want to learn English. As a student I really like reading books. My favorite subject at State school is Math because it’s easy to learn. My favorite subject at SC is English because it is an international language. Three things I can do: I can dance very well. I can do research on the computer and I can read books every day. A story that I like is about a little girl saving a lovely pencil. A song that I like is a Khmer one. A sport that I like is jumping rope. The kind of animal that I want to study is dog. A place that I would like to visit is Phnom Penh city in Cambodia. When I grow up I want to be a Math teacher because I want to teach the next generations to calculate fast.

Sreyno HEAN
Sreyno HEAN
Sreyno HEAN
Sreyno HAN
Sreyno HAN