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Male, 16 years old
Birthdate: 07/30/2003

Biography last updated: 06-Mar-2014

Virak is a student from Osdao village. In this year 2014, he is studying in grade 6 at Sthany Primary School (state school). He lives with his parents and also he has one brother and two sisters in the family. His parents work in the rice fields to grow rice. They are working so hard to support their family. Vireak’s favorite activity is reading books in his free time.

He attends the school in Sustainable Cambodia because he can study without paying any money with English and Math. In school, what he likes the most is the English class.

In the future, he wants to be a good nurse. If he had a sponsor, he might have a chance to go to university.
Virak RITH
Virak RITH
Virak RITH
Virak RITH