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Male, 9 years old
Birthdate: 05/06/2009
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Biography last updated: 17-Jul-2018

Hello! My name is THUL Davin. I am a student in grade 4 at Hun Sen Chommany Primary State School. My father is a building worker and my mother is a building worker, too. I have one sister. In my free time, I like reading books and help to do housework. In my family, I like to have food together. With my friends, I like to play footballer. 

I attend to study at Sustainable Cambodia because I want to have a good future. As a student, I really like to read books and play with my friends. My favorite subject at State School is Math because It is very easy. My favorite subject at SC is Khmer because I am not good at Khmer. So, I want to learn more about it. 3 things I can do: I can cook rice and I can wash dish and I can do homework. A story I really like is about Khmer Fairy tale. A song I like is Modern song. A sport I like to play is Football. The kind of animal I want to study more about is Horse. A country I would like to visit is England. When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I want to help poor people in my country.