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Female, 11 years old
Birthdate: 02/22/2007
YesHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 12-Jun-2017

Hello!  My name is Nov Pisey and I am a student in grade 4 at primary school. My father is a teacher and my mother is a worker. I have four brothers. In my free time I like reading books. With my family I like studying. With my friends I like reviewing the lessons from school.

I study at Sustainable Cambodia because I want to learn English. As a student I really like doing exercise. My favorite subject at State school is Math because I want to be a Math teacher. My favorite subject at SC is English and I want to know more about English. Three things I can do: I can do research, I can read books and I can write in English. A story that I like is about a bird and a fox playing tricks on each other. A song that I like is a Khmer one. A sport that I like is tennis. The kind of animal that I want to study is dog. A place or country that I would like to visit is the beach in Cambodia. When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I like teaching.

Pisey NOV
Pisey NOV
Pisey NOV