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Female, 19 years old
Birthdate: 06/06/2000

Biography last updated: 16-Feb-2016

Nang Sreypov is a girl who studies in grade 8 in secondary school. She lives with her parents, three sisters and three brothers. Her parents are farmers. In her free time, she likes cook rice and food for her family. She likes attending the classes at Sustainable Cambodia because she can learn English, Computers, and read books in the library. The school always supports her school supplies, food and school uniform.

Her favorite subject is English because it is very important for her to find a job when she graduates.  She hopes that she can speak English and use computer. She really enjoys when she watches the comedy and play game at school. In the future she wants to be a teacher in the community. She also wants to learn about sewing clothes because she wants to make nice clothes for her family.