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Female, 20 years old
Birthdate: 09/10/1999

Biography last updated: 25-Dec-2018

Hello!  My name is PET Samnang.  I am a student in year I at Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia University PNC in Phnom Penh City. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. In my free time, I like to read books, review lesson, do housework, listen to music, play sport, do assignment , practice computer, search lesson from internet and draw pictures. With my friends, I like to practice English language, review lesson, play sport, cooking food, prepare my bedroom and explain my friends about the lesson that they don’t understand. 

The reason that I come to at the university because I want to improve my study and skill more than better. I want to change my knowledge, my English skill, myself, my family better than now. I want to develop my country too. As a student, I really like to read books, do assignment and search. What I love to do most as the student at the university is searching because when I search it help my study and get a lot of new knowledge. More I always work with team is very happy and get a lot of experience, make me strong and make me good communicate. The kind of book that I do love read most is English language because English language is help for my study a lot. Nowadays my English is not good and it is difficult for my study , so I would studying more to be good at english, Easy for me to learn technology  information and Easy for me to find job after  I finish my study. The kind of music I like is English song and Khmer song. A sport I like to play is football. A place or country I would like to visit is Paris. When I graduate from the university, I want to be a programmer because this is my skill that I like and can earn money from this skill to be support myself, my family and my study after I finish the second year. And I can to develop my country too.

Samnang PET
Samnang PET
Samnang PET
Samnang PET
Samnang PET