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Female, 18 years old
Birthdate: 03/16/2001

Biography last updated: 26-Mar-2018

Hello, my name is UY Mengly. I am a girl who study in grade 11 in Hun Sen high School. I live in Pursat Province. I live with my parents, I have five sisters and one brother. My parents are farmers. In my free time, I like reading book, playing with my brother and sisters, and helping doing housework such as doing the laundry, doing the landscaping around the house, cooking meals. With my family, I like to joke around with my family. With my friends, I really like to do exercises with my friends. 

I like attending the classes at KBFC of Sustainable Cambodia because I can have free tutoring classes in subjects that I really want such as English, computer, math, chemistry, and physics. My favorite subject in state school is Math because it is easy to study. It is easy to remember and understand the subject well and I enjoy do a lots exercises. In KBFC School, my favorite subject is English because I can read, speak, write and do homework. The book that I like to read is history book. What I do love most when the reading time in the library is discussing with friends. In the future, I want to be a nurse because as a nurse I will be able to come back to work at any hospital near my house to give a health care service to who are sick in community.
Mengly UY
Mengly UY
Mengly UY
Mengly UY
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