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Female, 19 years old
Birthdate: 09/03/2000

Biography last updated: 22-Sep-2014

Moeurn Sreyleak is a girl who studies in grade 7 in Samdach Ov Me Secondary School. She lives with her parents and sister in Baoh Puoy village, Leach commune, Phnum Kravanh district, Pursat Province. Her father is a farmer and her mother is housewife. In her free time she helps her parents with housework such as cooking meals, washing dishes, watering vegetables, and doing laundry. She also does the homework assigned by her teachers.

She attends KBFC of Sustainable Cambodia because she is from a poor family that can’t afford private extra classes and KBFC provides her with free classes. She also receives free school books and supplies every year. In particular, the teachers work carefully and she can understand the lessons easily. At the school, she likes reading books and drawing pictures in the library. Her favorite subject is English because it’s an international language.

Sreyleak likes to go for walks, watch TV, and eat meals with her family. She enjoys going shopping with her friends, and discussing their homework together. Studying is very important to Sreyleak because she wants to utilize what she learns to change her life.

She is going to be a teacher because she wants to teach English to the students who live in her village so they can communicate with foreigners.