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Male, 13 years old
Birthdate: 02/24/2004
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Biography last updated: 16-Feb-2016

Phorng Phannut is male student who studies in grade 7 in secondary school. Nowadays, he lives with his Grandmother. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. In his free time, he likes reading books, hanging out with his friends, and helping to do housework do laundry.

He attends classes at KBFC of Sustainable Cambodia because the school provides enrichment classes for students like him who do not have enough money to study elsewhere, and the most important thing is that all the teacher at KBFC are very friendly, kind , always encourage him and his friends to work hard for their future. At KBFC School he hopes to be able to learn about Computer.

His favorite subject is English because it is a popular language that people use around the world. He likes to study because education is a very important part of his life. His loves to eat together, and help each other with their family. With his friends he likes to study, discuss what they’re learning in school, and play games When he grows up, he wants be an engineer because he wants to build as many as big and tall buildings in his country.
Phannut PHORNG
Phannut PHORNG
Phannut PHORNG