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Female, 19 years old
Birthdate: 04/12/2000

Biography last updated: 26-Mar-2018

Hello, my name is EY RITHI, I am a girl who study in grade 12 in high school. I live in Pursat province. I live with my parents. I have four sisters and two brothers. My father is a famer and my mother is a housewife. In my free time, I like read book, sing, watch TV, and help my parents do housework, do laundry and eat rice together. With my family, I like to wash the plate, clean grass around house, and go to market with my family. With my friends, I like to do homework exercise talking about joke, read book, play sport and eat food together. 

I study at sustainable Cambodia because I want to have more knowledge experience I want to speak, read, write, and listen English very well. As a student, I really like to try to study do exercise, listen to teacher wend teacher explain the lesson. My favorite subject at state school is biology because when I grow up, I want to be a nurse. My favorite subject at SC is English because I want to talk with foreigners. A special skill or talent or interest I have is make a fun. The name of a book I really like is novel and joke story in English and Khmer. What I do love most when the reading time in the library is reading and watching move. The kind of music, I like is original song and rock. A sport, I like to play is tennis and basketball. A place or country I would like to visit is Angkor Wat temple. When I grow up, I want to be a nurse because I want to help poor children, poor people, and can earn money to support my family. 

Rithi EY
Rithi EY
Rithi EY
Rithi EY