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Female, 18 years old
Birthdate: 09/19/2001
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Biography last updated: 04-Sep-2019

Hello, my name is Meav Raksmey. I am a girl who studies in grade 12 at high school. I live in Pursat Province. My Father is a farmer and my mother is a farmer, too. I have two brothers and I am the second child the in my family. When I am at home, I like to eat rice together with my family,
do housework, do homework and sometime watch TV.
When I am at state school, I love to read
book, discuss homework with friends, and talk to teachers and play game sometimes. On the weekend, I enjoy helping my mother to feed my pigs and joke around with her.

I enjoy studying at Sustainable Cambodia because I can study English, Computer, part-time classes which can help me to broaden my knowledge the most important thing is that I am free to study in here with the well-trained teachers who always encourage students to work hard. As a student, I am good at writing, listening and making questions when study English. My favorite subject at state school is Khmer because it is easy for me to pass grade 12 exam.
My favorite subject at SC is English because I want to speak with friends and teachers and especially I want to speak to
foreigners. When I come to SC’s library, I like to read book and researching the new things. The title of a favorite book that I read is History of Cambodia. The topic I would like to research in SC’s computer lab is History and English exercises. The song I really like is said and romantic song. Sports I like to play are volleyball, jump rope and football.
Places I would like to visit are American, Canada, England, and France. When I grow up, I want to be a tour guide because I love learning language and talking to people all over the world.

Raksmey MEAV
Raksmey MEAV
Raksmey MEAV
Raksmey MEAV
Raksmey MEAV
Raksmey MEAV