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Male, 17 years old
Birthdate: 04/20/2000
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Biography last updated: 30-Apr-2015

Davin, currently studies at Leach primary school in grade 6. In this family there are six people - his father is a farmer and his mother is a horse cart driver; he also has one sister and three brothers.

In his free time, he enjoys reading books, doing housework and playing football. He attend classes at Sustainable Cambodia’s KBFC school because he can study English, chemistry and computer. His family can’t support his part-time studying at public school. While at KBFC he learns English, computer, and some school materials without payment. His favorite place on campus is the library where he enjoys reading books. His favorite subject is Khmer because he can read books and stories while learning more about Khmer literature.

In the future, he wants to become an engineer because he wants to build cottages or houses. Being an engineer is very important and will help him earn a lot of money to help his family and live in good quality.
Davin CHEM
Davin CHEM
Davin CHEM
Davin CHEM