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Male, 19 years old
Birthdate: 09/10/1998
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Biography last updated: 02-Aug-2017

Hello! My name is CHOUN Sokchoeurn and I study in grade 11 in Hun Sen High School. I live in Pursat Province with my parents who are farmers, my two brothers and my sister. In my free time, I like reading History books, listening to music, singing songs and using Facebook. I also enjoy chatting with my parents, having dinner together and helping them at the rice field. With my friends I like playing football. 

I’m happy to attend KBFC’s classes of Sustainable Cambodia because I can have free tutoring classes. My favorite subject at State School is Maths because I it is easy and useful for my daily life. My favorite subject in KBFC School is English because I can read and speak with foreigners. I would also like to have some classes on carpentry. In the future, I want to be a Maths’ teacher because I will be able to come back to work at any school near home and provide good lessons of Maths to the students who live there. 
Sokchoeurn CHOUN
Sokchoeurn CHOUN
Sokchoeurn CHOUN
Sokchoeurn CHOUN