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Male, 19 years old
Birthdate: 09/10/1998
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Biography last updated: 16-Feb-2016

A student, Choun Sokchoeurn is boy who studies in grade 10 in high school. Nowadays, he lives with his parents and two siblings. He has one brother and one sister. His father is farmer, and his mother is a housewife. In his spare time, he likes doing housework, doing homework, reading books, clean the house, going to the farm, and practicing what she learned in school.

He attends at KBFC School because he can learn English in order to speak with foreigners, and because KBFC has a Computer class where he can learn and practice before going to university. He loves to eat with his family. Meals are a great time for them to get together and discuss their days. He likes to do homework with his friends and discuss what they’re learning in school. He knows that a good education is vital of his future, and he always thinks about what he has learned before making decisions. Before KFFC, he didn’t enjoy school, and considered himself unintelligent, but now he has found a passion in learning.

His favorite subject is English because it is an international language. When he grows up he wants to be a teacher because he wants to teach children and help them as KBFC did the same for him. Kind of work he would like to learn is Motor repair. Because he can earn money from this job.
Sokchoeurn CHOUN
Sokchoeurn CHOUN
Sokchoeurn CHOUN