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Male, 21 years old
Birthdate: 08/15/1997
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Biography last updated: 02-Dec-2014

Phearum is a boy who studies in grade 10 in Hun sen Phnom Kravanh High School. He lives with his parents, two sisters, and a brother in Prey Klong village, Rokat commune, Phnum Kravanh district, Pursat Province. His parents are farmers.

In his free time, he helps his parents with housework, does research on the Internet, plays sports, looks after his cows, and doing his homework. He attends KBFC in Sustainable Cambodia because he can have free supplementary classes. 

At the school, he likes reading Khmer books in the library and he can study math, Physic, Khmer, Chemistry, computer's skills and English. His favorite subjects are Khmer and English because his Khmer teacher teaches him to read Khmer well and he likes working with numbers, too.

When he grows up, he wants to be a teacher because he wants to help the poor families in rural areas to have good education.
Phearum PHY
Phearum PHY